Kyhlwood Training

It is not just about the horses,

it is about life, love and learning.

Kyhlwood Training is constantly striving to improve our facility. Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions!

Phase One $2500

  • Improve all current fencing DONE July 2017
  • Increase the size of the current arena DONE July 2017
  • Move fencing to accommodate for more separation DONE July 2017

Phase Two $5300

  • Install automatic waters in all current pens DONE November 2017
  • Install outdoor lights on all current pens DONE November 2017
  • Remove all trees and stumps from building site DONE August 2017

Phase Three $3500

  • Clean up all down trees and low branches from rear lot IN PROGRESS
  • Build 4 corner shed and 4 training pens DONE July 2018
  • Put up fence for new back turnout lot for pens 2 and 3
  • Build shelter in newly separated east pen DONE June 2018

Phase Four $6500

  • Remove all junk trees and down trees in current large pasture IN PROGRESS
  • Finish separating both pens to east side DONE Summer 2019
  • Install automatic water in newly separated east pen DONE Summer 2019
  • Install 2 automatic waters in training pens DONE Summer 2019
  • Install fences for training horse pastures DONE Summer 2019

Projects to be Completed

  • Build Obstacle Course
  • Clear trees and put up fence for east pen turnout
  • Tile outdoor arena
  • Rock Driveway and new parking area
  • Install lights on arena
  • Build new west pen and shelter