Kyhlwood Training

It is not just about the horses,

it is about life, love and learning.


Private Riding Lessons

Hour: $45


I require that all of my new beginning students start out in private lessons. I do this mostly to ensure safety. Once the rider is able to trot independently they will be able to join a semi-private or group lesson.

Semi-Private Riding Lessons

Hour: $30 per rider

Half Hour: Not Available

A semi-private lesson is 2 students. They must be at the same riding level and be working towards a similar goal.

Group Riding Lessons

Hour: $25 per rider

A group lesson is 3-5 students depending on horse availability and level of riders. I group my students based on experience, ability and riding level. I take into consideration age as well.

Starting in 2018 Kyhlwood Training students can expect to have their riding skills reviewed every 6-8 weeks. This will be done in a series of mini quizzes done during their riding lesson times. Each child will have a folder with their information, flow charts, mini quizzes, goal sheets and confidence evaluation. This will assist me in making sure that each child is in the best group for their abilities, thus increasing their safety and progression in their riding skills. This will also help me when deciding what shows and classes are available for your child to participate in. At the end of each 8 week session depending on their progression and the progression of their group they may be moved or matched with a different group.

Lessons will be booked and paid for in 8 week sessions. I have had too many no-call/no-shows and this is the only way I can see to prevent those. If you or your child has to miss a scheduled sessions it is YOUR responsibility to check the calendar and find a suitable group to make up that lesson before the end of the 8 week session. If your have lessons that have not been made up by the end of that session you forfeit the cost of those lessons. 

Prices are as follows:

  Hour Lessons:

     Private 8 week session: $320

     Semi-Private 8 week session: $260

     Group 8 week session: $200

     Single Private lessons: $45 (paid per lesson and not in a session package)

  Half Hour lessons:

     Private 8 week session: $215

     Single Private Lessons: $30 (Paid per lesson and not in a session package)

From now on in the event of rain or inclement weather lessons will still be held unless weather is severe. In the event that it is just drizzling I am happy to teach. However if it is pouring or the footing is unsafe we will hold an unmounted lesson during their regular lesson time. We will use this time to focus on things such as parts of the horse, equine first aid, types and parts of tack/cleaning tack, nutrition, show preparation (clipping, banding, braiding, bathing), tack fitting, blanket fitting as well as colors and markings. If it is too sloppy to ride but safe to walk we will focus on ground arena activities such as lunging, ground driving, emergency dismounts, and learning showmanship and halter.